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Spring has Sprung


Spring has Sprung

Max Makewell

Spring has sprung, and Brooklyn has a new attitude.


I spent the first three months of 2019 burying myself in my art in preparation for the year to come. While I worked at the studio, the talented Kyle Rothwell came by and produced a short video documenting my creative process from end-to-end.


In Kyle’s video I explore how the relationships between colors form a visual vocabulary. When carefully applied to canvas these interactions create loud and quiet moments, a conversation that determines the tone of a piece.

Eric English actually purchased the featured work– his second Makewell original. You can watch the video here.

Now that it’s spring the seeds I spent winter planting are emerging from the earth, tiny green tendrils that reach skywards. Eric’s purchase came as a surprise– and the surprises kept coming. Not long after shipping the first mini to Miami, Sanna let me know that several email inquiries for larger works had come in.


It’s been gratifying to watch my business bloom. If you received my last email you know that I recently released my first series of 2019, appropriately titled “Spring”. The response from all of you has been incredible. To everyone who has purchased a piece– Jack, Sherri, Eric, Jewel, Kevin– thank you. Your patronage and support means everything to me.

Wishing you a colorful spring.

Max Makewell