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New Year, New Studio


New Year, New Studio

Max Makewell

New year, new art studio – new creative direction. 


In December, my artistic process was interrupted by a small fire in the building of my last studio. While having to move my workspace was a bummer, it was also a lightning rod– somewhere between packaging my paintings and possessions, I was struck by inspiration. Fire has a way of forcing new beginnings and cleaning out the cruft. Out with the old, and in with the new.


The fire made me consider just how much everyday events– and more importantly, our  reactions to them– affect our lives. I realized that the meaning I give an event is far more important than its actual circumstance. The fire was only as destructive as I imagined it to be.

Once I realized that only I could ascribe meaning to an event, my latest series took shape. It's been exciting watching the walls of my new studio come to life with swatches of bold yellow paint.


I’ve had a few requests to see my new work. While the series is still being crafted, my friend Kyle Rothwell put together this snappy video showcasing my latest and greatest. Hope you enjoy! Special thanks to my close friend Chris Daish for lending his distinguished Aussie accent to the video's narration. I’m eternally grateful to have creative, collaborative friends– it really takes a village.  


The year is off to a fantastic start, mostly due to my public and private supporters. You’ve provided a wealth of knowledge, community, and enthusiasm. You know who you are, and you are more important than you know.

Thank you kindly.

Max Makewell