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Artist Statement: I became an artist by watching my grandfather tirelessly create sculptures. His relationship with his art and his ability to inspire others was alluring. I stayed an artist because of arts ability to make people feel. Today, I strive to make art that challenges the viewer and that taps into their emotions. My Rorschach inspired installations are illuminated by light to create reflections. By doing this it generates a unique experience based on where they are standing. Two people can simultaneously look at one of my pieces and see it differently. They can feel differently. Yet they can enjoy and share it together.


Bio: Max Makewell is a Miami based painter whose work explores how viewers interact with conceptual depths of color and light. Born in New York City, Makewell comes from a family deeply rooted in classical art, which fostered his early development in becoming an artist himself. He began painting still lives with his mother and sculpting with his grandfather. Soon after, Makewell cultivated his skills in figure drawing and portraiture with contemporary masters in Italy and the United States. Makewell moved to Miami in Feb 2017 to allow himself the time and space to be inspired by its International, vibrant and exciting community. This led to Makewell’s recent shift into abstraction, which reflects his ongoing creative pursuit of art’s universal language. His work resides in collectors’ homes across the globe and has been shown in American and European cities.


SOLO Limited Edition | Luxury Living New York | New York, NY | 2017

Young Collectors Art Auction and Reception | De Buck Gallery | Chelsea, NY | 2017

Acuity Show NYC | 5 Penn Plaza | Midtown, NY | 2017

Opening Reception ft. Basquiat | Guy Hepner Gallery |SOHO, NY | 2016

Rules Broken Unfound| Gowanus Ballroom | Brooklyn, NY | 2015

SOLO Seduction Series | Ritz Carlton Residences | San Francisco, CA | 2008

Art of Elysium & Sotheby’s Auction | Los Angeles, CA | 2008

Alongside - Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist and Richard Meier.



Max Makewell