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SCOPE - proposal - new





A Scope 2017 Art Installation

"As I Live and Breathe"



A circular arrangement of 8-foot tall light towers, designed to encourage circling, every step revealing a new angle which, thanks to the parallax design gives each viewer infinite perspectives on the same piece.

This effect is achieved through the many internal components including hand-painted Rorschach designs, built up over many hidden layers of translucent plastic and illuminated from behind to create a surreal visual movement of colors, texture, and light.




My previous work has focused on the 2-D aspect of the Rorschach Test to evoke 3-D associations in the mind of a viewer. My most recent variation on this concept is taking the Rorschach into the 3rd dimension, exploring a viewer’s ‘relative truth’ or perception based on their vantage point.

The notion of ‘relative truth’ at the heart of the work is also depicted in the ancient story of the Blind Men and the Elephant. Blind men seek to conceptualize an elephant for the first time by describing it only in terms of the part they are touching.

The piece seeks to reconcile the human tendency to project fragmentary experience as full truth, while failing to acknowledge the truth in the experiences of others: it is a symbolic reflection of disparate perspectives coming together to create a holistic experience.



The videos and mockup image below show the pieces scale, layers, movement, and light sources.



Each light tower measures 4 ft wide, 2 ft deep, and 8 ft tall housing a hand-painted Rorschach design. The installation is built up over many hidden layers of translucent plastic sheets illuminated from behind as it distributes color resulting in  one self-contained light box.

As you circle the installation, every vantage point produces a new visual field of dynamic color and depth, while maintaining perfect symmetry at every angle. Combined with the reflective flooring, the piece becomes a tapestry of light, woven around the viewer’s vantage point.


Why Exhibit This At Scope?

As a Miami-based artist, I have attended SCOPE for many years. Unlike other art shows, SCOPE epitomizes Miami's diverse culture and its acceptance for unexpected global trends.

My piece is a symbol for diverse perspectives converging where business and creativity flourish. The concept of ‘relative truth’ and our unique perspectives being shared across the SCOPE floor is one that makes me proud and excited to be a contributor, if selected.


Sponsorship & Partner Ideas:

In the current “show me” climate a GoPro, SnapChat, or Instagram partnership would fit perfectly with the piece. The hidden layers of illuminated translucent plastic providing attendees a 360-degree kaleidoscopic experience will make for ideal sharable content that takes SCOPE out of Miami and instantly across the world.

The bright colors and kaleidoscopic, hallucinogenic feel also lends itself to partner with a luxury travel experience – where dreams do come true. FlyBlade, NetJets, FLYNYON Miami provide riders with unique visual experiences much like my piece.


Sales Presence

A sales and/or artist representative will be present at all times to field questions and further educate interested parties about the artwork and artist. An elevated plaque will be present in front of the piece, describing the purpose and vision behind the works. 



Each component piece is approximately 4ft wide, 2ft deep, and 8ft tall. A total of 6 components would be assembled to make 360 degrees of interactive visual experience. (1-2 other team members would be needed for installation).

Each piece is a self-contained unit that requires minimal setup of an outer shell and lightweight inner components. Installation would take no longer than 4 days to install properly as a stand-alone structure. 

The reflective flooring is light-weight and unobtrusive of any floor/carpeting already in use.


Insurance & Safety

All pieces are fully insured under the artist. All liability falls within the artist's insurance. Further insurance for care of the space in which the piece is installed can be procured for specific dates upon request. 



Each piece requires a three-prong electrical outlet to produce its backlit effect. No other external or above lighting is required to display these pieces.  



Below is a plan view of a previous Scope fair highlighting desirable placement for the installation.



Contact Information:

Max Makewell

31b Venetian Way
Unit 39
Miami Beach FL 33139
#424 230 4955