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A selection of Max Makewell's Paintings available for purchase.

Featured Work


Kailasa is a Rorschach Collection piece inspired by the psychological test designed by Herman Rorschach. It is a study of materials and nature. Inspired by the gusts and darkness that precede a snowstorm in the Austrian Alps, it marries paints of different viscosities.

Kailasa is a currently installed in Zurs Austria at an exhibition just one hour west of Rorschach, Switzerland. 



Large Rorschach Collection

All Pieces Are 60 X 60 Inches Or Larger, Sold as Mounted & Stretched Canvases




"My wife and I thrilled to own an original Makewell. We are long-time large format art collectors and have been searching for something new. With Max's tasteful but edgy color pallette and chaotic symmetry, his art is an exciting and refreshing counterpoint to our existing pieces."

-Jake S.



Medium Rorschach Collection

All Pieces Are 30 X 30 Inches Or Larger, Sold as Mounted & Stretched Canvases



Small Rorschach Collection

All Pieces Are 15 X 15 Inches & Sold Framed



"Makewell has gotten me interested in art in a way that I never could have foreseen. My Makewell was the first piece of original art I ever purchased. It's brought me some much needed positive and creative energy that livens up my living space."

- Russ R.


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